Veteran Was Suddenly Asked To Take Down His 4-Year-Old American Flag Wrap From Mailbox

Veteran Was Suddenly Asked To Take Down His 4-Year-Old American Flag Wrap From Mailbox

A veteran from Tallahassee, Florida was shocked after he got a letter for an “eyesore” on his property. The liberals from his home owner’s association demanded to take it out, but the U.S. Navy officer was determined to stand for himself.

Last week, John Ackert, got a request from Tallahassee’s Southwood Residential Community Association to take out an object on his property that in their opinion is not “in consonance” with the artistic values of Southwood. Disappointedly, the “eyesore” at the focus of the disagreement wasn’t anything inappropriate, but a contrary, he covered his mailbox in American Flag wrap.

The letter requested Ackert to take out the wrapping, otherwise, he’ll face with penalties. “As the holiday season comes to a close, please remove the American ag mailbox wrap,” was written in the letter, continuing, “Decoration may be displayed 30 days prior and must be taken down 15 days after.”

Anyhow, Ackert, as a true patriot, decided to fight back and filed a complaint against their demand. “I view this as a form of bullying, to be honest,” Ackert stated as Fox News reported. “And I think people should stand up to bullying of any form, and particularly this.”

However, there is something that is really weird in this situation. The wrapping wasn’t new. In opposite, Ackert wrapped it four years ago. “It was put there 30 days after I moved into this house,” Ackert stated, and of course he’s not alone in this fight. The neighbors completely support him. “They do things like this all the time,” Mike Stephenson stated, as The Gateway Pundit reported. “I think it’s ridiculous. What’s wrong with being patriotic in the country you live in?”

Mike Patel who is also Ackert neighbor said “The man’s a veteran, he served the country. It’s just a mailbox with a flag. I don’t think it’s right. He owns the house, he can at least have that.”

We all agree with them. The veterans deserved their right to show Old Glory. The veterans should be respected and to have right to put out the flag of the country they risked their lives for. Even though Ackert didn’t get a response on his complaint, the HOA should change their decision and let him display the flag.

Every American home should proudly fly the American Flag.

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