USS Abraham Lincoln Shows a Ship of Her Size Can Move With the Best of Them

USS Abraham Lincoln Shows a Ship of Her Size Can Move With the Best of Them

Aircraft carriers are some of the largest, heaviest vessels at sea, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pull off some serious moves.

Case in point: In May, the USS Abraham Lincoln was returned the the naval fleet after undergoing a massive makeover.

During a training event in the Atlantic before rejoining the fleet, the ship conducted a five-day fast cruise to ensure the vessel was ready to head back to sea. The ship has been simulating various scenarios since February to ensure its readiness for operation.

A video of the newly overhauled ship in the Atlantic showed just how nimble the giant carrier can be. The vessel, at 1,092 feet long and 252 feet wide, proved that it can still turn on a dime traveling at over 30 miles an hour.

Watch the video below to see the USS Abraham Lincoln show her chops in an epic maneuver:

Not a bad move for such an enormous ship.

The Lincoln’s makeover – a $4 billion effort that took four years to complete — marks the halfway point of the carrier’s expected life. This was not ordinary overhaul as the ship was practically rebuilt. It is now expected to serve the military another 25 years.

One of the most notable changes made during the overhaul was adding the capacity for it to accommodate the new Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning aircraft, expected to enter the fleet in the next few years, the Navy Times reported. The F-35C is the newest in a line of stealth fighters built for speed and agility.

The Lincoln is the fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy, and it is just one example of the strength and capability of the U.S. military.

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