US Marine Risks His Life To Expose Deadly Scandal That Could Take Down Entire Democratic Party..

US Marine Risks His Life To Expose Deadly Scandal That Could Take Down Entire Democratic Party

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is presently in conflict for the title as America’s slimiest government official, as she’s currently under a few investigations, including a man of interest for a murder, and under scrutiny for helping her Muslim IT-guy commit treason against our nation.

As this lady stands to spend whatever remains of her life in jail for her violations, a United States Marine is currently approaching with startling new proof that couldn’t just take down Wasserman-Schultz, however it could take down the entire Democratic Party.

Wasserman-Schultz has been effectively helping her Muslim IT-man work against America.

Despite the fact that this lady knew that Imran Awan has been taking intel off Congress’ PCs and selling America’s best kept secrets to other nations, she’s been his associate all this time.

In a FBI raid of her home, investigators found these extremely simillar computers that the Muslim man was putting away this intel smashed, a route for Wasserman-Schultz to wreck the proofs of her Muslim IT specialist injustice against our nation.

Instead of collaborating to assist the U.S. to get this Pakistani double crosser to justice, Wasserman-Schultz is presently trying to shut off United States Marine Andre Taggart, a witness who gave proof to FBI in the case against Imran Awan. Taggart is currently a Sergeant with the D.C. Police Department.

“Andre Taggart alerted the FBI to damaged hard drives and a cache of electronics tied to Imran Awan, a former IT specialist for dozens of House Democrats,” The Daily caller stated. “Awan is the central figure in a criminal investigation of suspected procurement fraud and violations of the congressional IT network, including diverting data to an off-site server.”

“It pisses me off,” said Taggart, a black Marine who says he votes Democrat. He said that Wasserman Schultz is devaluing the meaning of genuine discrimination, while putting the entire security of America at risk with her stupid games.

“I just want to get these [guys] locked up and exposed and now,” Taggart told The Daily Caller. “The people who facilitated them should also be locked up, as far as I’m concerned.”

That is when Taggart dropped a sensation on the whole Democratic Party, saying that they are cooperating to secure this Muslim thief no matter what.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with everything going on in the country right now,” Taggart said. He then stated he will no longer remain anonymous because of the “grave mistake” Democrats are making by “ignoring a scandal with serious criminal and national security implications.”

“Wasserman Schultz has also been unhelpful, and at times a hinderance to the investigation into the Awans. Senior congressional officials called her lack of cooperation ‘unsettling,’ and suggested the results of the investigation could very well lead to her resignation,” As reported by The Blaze

You know it must be quite awful when a black Democrat is taking a shot with his whole work experience to expose Wasserman-Schultz and his fellow Democratic partners. This lady should be in jail for helping this Muslim man commit such treachery against our nation.

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