US Army Infantry Officer Supports Kaepernick With ‘Communism Will Win’ Message

US Army Infantry Officer Supports Kaepernick With Communism Will Win Message

A photo of U.S. Army infantry officer and West Point graduate Spenser Rapone was making its rounds online Monday due to the fact that – while in his uniform – Rapone had the words “Communism will win” scrawled inside of his cap.

In the wake of the recent NFL protests, a West Point graduate and infantry officer tweeted out the following image with the caption: “#VeteransForKaepernick” – a disgusting display from an officer.

One Twitter user noted that West Point cadets are “under contract with the DoD,” going on to state that Rapone’s actions are a “punishable offense under the UCMJ,” because Rapone is making political statements while in uniform:

Rapone runs a Twitter account called “@punkproletarian” and frequently tweets out his Communist messages:

Rapone also tweeted out a provocative message at right-wing firebrand Mike Cernovich:

Rapone didn’t have the guts to tag Cernovich, though . . .

In case you’re as shocked as everyone else and think that this is all a hoax, because who would have thought an infantry officer would disrespect our country like this, Rapone tweeted out a picture of his DSA tag:

The reality is, Rapone’s behavior is morally and legally reprehensible and a disgrace to the uniform:

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