Update: Violent Protesters at Trump’s Inauguration Smacked by Major Judge’s Decision

Violent Protesters at Trumps Inauguration Smacked by Major Judges Decision

Rioters against President Trump are no news. They have been acting and demolishing the country ever since the President got elected, causing massive havoc int he streets. From real estate damage to vandalizing public and private property…you name it, they’ve done it. Having that in mind, it is challenging to find reasons enough to respect these groups, but yet, somehow the liberals do.

Let’s back up to January 20, when the police force dealt with, what was until then known as the biggest rioting group.

While some could speculate the group was a mere handful of masked men, it was actually what we know today to be the Antifa.

As authorities began bringing these vandals one by one, some admitted to having committed a crime, while others kept it cool and played it dumb. But, as the law would have it, anyone obstructing justice is bound to face the consequences.

Reports are now suggesting that a judge in DC refused to drop cases against over 200 vandals arrested during Trump’s Inauguration.

Many of the accused tried to pull out, convincing the court of their innocence, a play that did not end as desired for them. They even tried to call upon the First Amendment, keeping certain their right of free speech will be the deal-breaker. However, there’s the freedom of speech and there’s the rigid wilding int he streets, wouldn’t you agree.

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz, who dealt with the case ever since July, would not let the strings loose and clear the men of these charges. In other words, the trials are pretty much still happening.

At the moment, a total of 194 cases are still open.

Anything else you have to say for yourselves, Antifa? Didn’t think so.

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