Unreal: NYC Mayor Gives Police Special Order for Poor People While No One Was Looking

Unreal NYC Mayor Gives Police Special Order for Poor People While No One Was Looking

Politicians espousing socialism often proclaim themselves to be on the side of the poor and downtrodden in society. However, more often than not those same politicians are revealed to be cultural elitists who give little if any thought to the plight of the poor

Such appears to be the case with leftist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who reportedly ordered the New York Police Department to roust out any homeless people hanging around in a couple subway stations prior to him traveling through in a publicity event, according to the New York Post.

The report cited unnamed sources within the department (See, anonymous sources can cut both ways. Bites, doesn’t it?) who claimed the directive was handed down from the NYPD’s Transit Bureau for officers to “make sure nobody’s hanging out” so that two specific stations “looked nice.”

The booting of the homeless people from the platforms was reportedly to be completed by 11 a.m. Sunday, prior to de Blasio’s four-stop subway ride — with journalists in tow — from the upscale gym he frequents to his new headquarters for his re-election campaign.

A separate source claimed the order from the Transit Bureau had first been delivered to NYPD brass from the mayor’s office “with the expectation that the subway stations would be free and clear of homeless people.”

“It’s too bad he’s only interested when he’s going to get on the subway,” one of the sources said. “I wish he had the same attention to detail when he wasn’t on the subway. Too bad he doesn’t care about quality of life for all passengers and not just himself.”

That sentiment was shared by a newsstand manager named Ali Imtiaz, who estimated that he usually saw about five homeless people hanging out in the station per day, but noticed their complete absence Sunday after a group of cops passed his stand around 10 a.m. that morning.

“It’s good for everybody that they clear out the homeless,” Imtiaz said. “This should be continued. This is a very busy subway.”

De Blasio’s duplicity was also called out by a presumptive rival in the upcoming mayoral election, Republican Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who blasted the mayor’s apparent hypocrisy.

“For someone who claims to care about the most poor New Yorkers, to have someone clear his path when he’s about to board the subway … tells you all you need to know about Mayor de Blasio,” Malliotakis stated. “These are fellow New Yorkers who are sleeping in the street, sleeping in the subway. The mayor just doesn’t care.”

To be sure, the mayor’s office vehemently disputed the charge that they had had the subway stations cleared of homeless people ahead of de Blasio’s publicity stunt, and the New York Daily News claimed to have found a 62-year-old homeless woman named Mildred at one of the stops who had not been forced to leave by the police ahead of the mayor’s passage.

“Readers should know that these sources are refusing to provide their names because what they are saying is not true,” Eric Phillips, spokesman for the mayor, said.

We already know that Mayor de Blasio is pretty much a joke, and if this report is indeed true, the joke has been revealed as a hypocritical elitist who says one thing and does something completely different.

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