Unreal: New US Carrier Sets Sail With Shock Change Liberals Love

Unreal New US Carrier Sets Sail With Shock Change Liberals Love

The new and improved USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier comes with all the bells and whistles but liberals will be happy about the one thing it’s missing.

That one thing? Urinals.

If you think this sounds strange, you’re not alone.

It seems commonsense that urinals would be installed on a boat with more than 75 percent males on board, but apparently not to leftist progressives.

For the first time, every bathroom on the carrier is designed to be “gender-neutral.” Instead of urinals, the ship’s bathrooms contain only flush toilets and stalls, Navy officials said according to Navy Times.

The $13 billion futuristic ship comes with a huge flight deck and a new electromagnetic system that launches aircraft, Fox News reported. Operational systems on board mean aircraft will be able to take off faster and reach the fight more quickly.

The ship is reportedly so advanced that some say it will be able to sail itself.

And yet with all of this technology, urinals are being done away with.

Commonsense and practicality are of no matter when it comes to social justice warriors who feel compelled to invade every aspect of people’s lives just so they can feel better about themselves.

Removing urinals may make liberals feel better but many people believe traditional restrooms are far less efficient.

“[A toilet is] by far a less clean environment than a urinal. By far,” president of the Public Restroom Company Chuck Kaufman told the Navy Times.

Furthermore, Kaufman said that whatever convenience gained by removing urinals and creating gender-neutral bathrooms was lost in the amount of space that water closets, and the stalls around them, take up. He said he is required to allot around 1,500 square inches of space for a urinal while a toilet needs more than 3,300 square inches.

But liberals are not about anything but their own agenda — regardless of how inefficient or ridiculous it is.

The military should be about efficiency — not political correctness, social justice, or the latest leftist agenda.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T New York Daily News