United States Kept Close Eye on KJU During July 4th Missile Testing

United States Kept Close Eye on KJU During July 4th Missile Testing

On the night of July 3 in Washington, or July 4 in Asia, North Korea successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, marking a new frontier in the threat that they pose to the United States.

In the days immediately following the launch, it came to light that the United States military had actually been watching the North Koreans prepare to launch the missile, and they even had North Korean despot Kim Jong Unin their sights, Business Insider reported.

For over an hour, the United States watched Kim walk around the launch site. All we would have needed to do was push a button, launch a precision missile and Kim would have been turned into a pile of ash.

While our ability to strike deep into the heart of North Korea isn’t exactly something new, what is shocking is that the United States would broadcast to the world the fact that we were watching Kim that night.

Clearly, President Donald Trump’s administration and the American military were sending a message to Kim that we can get him anytime, anywhere.

Good luck sleeping well at night, Kim — we’ll be watching.

Fox News reported that the Pentagon chose not to attempt to shoot down the ICBM because it was determined that it posed no threat to the United States — though with the advanced warning the military had, an intercept certainly could have been attempted.

The New York Times reported that defense officials have stated that just because North Korea launched this one missile, that doesn’t mean the impoverished country can mass produce ICBMs, or even put nuclear warheads on top of them.

However this launch was a dangerous leap forward for the Kim regime — one that now puts Alaska in potential danger.

The United States’ admission that we were watching Kim closely the night of the launch is as close as we’ve ever come to threatening to assassinate him.

Clearly, our military is watching the Korean Peninsula closely, and will do whatever is necessary to stop North Korea from becoming an even graver threat to the United States.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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