UN Bigwig Heard Trump’s Speech, Noticed Game-Changing Detail

UN Bigwig Heard Trumps Speech Noticed Game-Changing Detail

Though denounced by almost everyone in the “fake news” media, President Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly earned much praise from former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, a man who — unlike the president’s critics in the media — actually understands foreign policy.

Bolton, who served at the U.N. in 2005-06 as a recess appointee during the George W. Bush Presidency, was especially impressed by the much-needed paradigm shift in foreign policy proposed by the president.

“I think it’s safe to say in the entire history of the United Nations, there has never been a more straightforward criticism of the behavior, the unacceptable behavior, of member states,” Bolton said Tuesday on Fox News, referring to Trump’s fierce criticism of Venezuela, North Korea and Iran.

“I think these are about as clear an indication as a president can make that he’s not going to live with the kinds of half measures and compromises that frankly for 25 years have marked American policy and led us to the present desperate situation,” he added.

In other words, the days of appeasing our enemies and letting them walk all over us are over — particularly in regard to North Korea, which the Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton administrations catered to like a despondent child who only needs some kind words and a treat to be set straight.

This applies to failed ideologies like socialism as well. Many of America’s former leaders refused to state the blunt truths about Venezuela’s socialism, which has wrought total devastation to the once-wealthy nation. Not Trump, though.

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented,” the president rightly noted during his speech Monday.

Bolton loved this statement: “I tell you, there are a lot of people in the U.N. who have never heard anything like that from an American president,” he said.

Listen to Bolton’s relevant remarks in the video below:

Let’s be clear about something — despite what his know-nothing critics claim, the president knocked that U.N. speech out of the park.

But more than that, Trump set a new tone — one of strength in the face of both evil men and evil ideologies.

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