U.S. Navy Launches New Combat Ship at Wisconsin Shipyard

US Navy Launches New Combat Ship at Wisconsin Shipyard

The United States Navy has some of the largest, most technologically advanced ships on the planet. These floating wonders often take years to build and cost tens of millions, sometimes billions, of dollars.

As these ships start off being built on a dry dock, getting them into the water so they can begin sea trials takes a little bit of ingenuity.

A video of the U.S.S. Billings, the Navy’s newest ship, being launched into the water has gone viral. Rather than flooding a dry dock, using a crane or something similar, the ship literally slides into the water.

The ship is on a ramp, and has supports attached to the hull to prevent damage. The ship then simply slides into the waters of Lake Michigan near the Wisconsin-Michigan border, creating a massive wave and rocking back and forth quite a bit.

It’s truly an amazing sight to behold. You would have to imagine that every single worker who has helped build the ship and who is nearby at the time is holding their breath hoping that nothing damages the ship as it slides into the water.

There have been several similar videos of ships being launched into the water in such a manner, but each time a new one comes out it draws the same internet reaction simply because of how amazing it is.

You can watch the video of the launch here:

The U.S.S. Billings was built in part to “locate and disarm mines and fight against enemy submarines,” Fox News reported. The Billings, which was named for the largest city in Montana, was christened with an $8 bottle of wine — which certainly raised a few eyebrows.

The Billings Gazette reported that the ship was designed to operate in about 14 feet of water — something most current naval ships are unable to do. This ship will help guard global commerce from piracy and other threats.

Soon we may seen even more of these videos. President Donald Trump has vowed to increase the size of the United States Navy, which would mean dozens more ships like this one being launched.

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