Twitter Backlash Ensues as “Bring Obama Back” Trend Starts to Erupt

Twitter Backlash Ensues as Bring Obama Back Trend Starts to Erupt

Liberal sycophants of former President Barack Obama flooded Twitter with the silly hashtag #BringBackObama this Wednesday in a desperate attempt to return America to what were in many people’s eyes the worst eight years in the nation’s lengthy history.

“Miss them so much! #BringBackObama #ThankYouObama” cried one liberal.

“My #WednesdayWisdom comes from Pres Obama: He’s a leader who wanted to unite us as a nation and we should never expect less #BringBackObama,” whined another; this one apparently completely detached from reality.

The fact is that Barack Hussein Obama divided the nation like never before by trying to turn natives against immigrants, Christians against Muslims, whites against blacks and so on.

Using lies and actual “alternative facts,” the former president convinced roughly 50 percent of Americans — the Democrat ones, that is — that it’s “bigoted” to stand against illegal immigration, “Islamophobic” to stand against Islamic terrorism, “racist” to stand up for the police and “homophobic” to stand up for religious liberty.

Moreover, he championed class warfare at every opportunity, misleading the poor and impoverished into believing that the fault for their alleged suffering resided with the wealthy, i.e. those who create jobs and actually keep the economy running.

He was a deceiver and a con artist, and the facts prove it, not that his worshipers will ever acknowledge these realities:

But that doesn’t mean conservatives can’t try.

Observe the responses these Obama groupies received:

Dovetailing to how Obama divided the nation, even CNN admitted last year that race relations had worsened greatly under his tutelage.

“A majority of Americans say relations between blacks and whites in the US have worsened under President Barack Obama, according to a new CNN/ORC poll,” the network reported in October of 2016. “Overall, 54% say relations between blacks and whites have gotten worse since Obama became president, including 57% of whites and 40% of blacks.”

If even one of the most liberal media networks in existence was willing to be honest about the former president’s divisiveness, what does it say about those of his groupies who continue to champion him as some sort of hero?

It says that either they’re either completely ignorant, or they’ve been brainwashed beyond repair. SAD!

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