Turkish Paper Calls for Closure of US Base

Turkish Paper Calls for Closure of US Base

President Donald Trump has bucked a lot of norms since taking the oath of office, several of which have caused some consternation around the world.

One of Trump’s most interesting moves to date was his decision to arm the Kurdish militia groups that are fighting the Islamic State. Turkey has been furious over this move, and now a well known Turkish paper is calling for United States forces in Turkey to be evicted, Military Times reported.

The Turkish newspaper Sozcu ran a front-page editorial on Friday that called for Incirlik Air Base’s complete closure. The Turkish government considers almost all Kurds to be terrorists, and apparently this newspaper shares those sentiments.

It is unlikely that the air base, which is used primarily by the United States Air Force and the Turkish Air Force, will actually close. Turkey needs American support — especially given the problems that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing within his own country.

This issue revolves around the Trump administration’s decision to arm the Kurdish Syrian fighters, known as the YPG. Turkey is currently battling the PKK, another Kurdish group, that has been designated as a terror organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. While the United States doesn’t see the YPG and the PKK as being linked, Turkey does.

Trump and Erdogan are meeting on Tuesday, and Reuters noted that Erdogan will likely press Trump to reverse his decision when the two are face to face.

ABC News noted that the entire future of Turkish-American relations may be on the line if Trump can’t get Erdogan to accept the arming of the Kurds.

Turkey has threatened to bomb Kurdish forces going forward. Often there are Americans embedded with these forces, so any such military action on Turkey’s part could cause a serious diplomatic incident.

In fact, Turkey has bombed U.S.-backed forces before.

Turkey needs to understand that right now, America is more concerned about defeating terror organizations than worrying about Turkey’s domestic problems.

The YPG fighters have had a lot of success against the Islamic State group in Syria, and it makes much more sense for the United States to arm them than it does for us to deploy thousands of American troops.

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Source: conservativetribune.com