Tucker Slams DNC Hack Who Trashed “Christian Values”

Tucker Slams DNC Hack Who Trashed Christian Values

When President Donald Trump visited Poland last week, he gave a speech extolling the virtues of “Western civilization” that had conservatives around the world cheering.

As usual, liberals claimed that the speech was a racist, bigoted attempt to dismiss the rest of the world. Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Democrat strategist and former Democrat National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse clashed with the host over Trump’s speech.

Woodhouse claimed that Trump’s reference to “Christian values” was a “dog whistle to white nationalists,” which Carlson didn’t take well at all — and promptly demolished.

“Let’s stop with the propaganda … let’s just deal with the text of the speech,” Carlson stated. “If you’re a leader of Western civilization you ought to believe it’s superior.”

Woodhouse continued by attacking Trump’ advisers, accusing them of being white nationalists, and claiming that Trump is a racist who wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States, destroy the world and the usual liberal talking points,

“What the hell are you talking about?” Carlson asked at one point during the very intense back and forth. “You’re trying to make this scary. You’re doing like this Southern Poverty Law Center thing with me.

“You believe this country is racially exclusive and the ideas its founded upon are racist,” Carlson stated. “All these people from the Third World … they want to come here because it’s a great country, because they agree with the values it was founded upon.

Woodhouse really gave the left’s game away, when he attacked a description of Trump’s speech that was released in advance by Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka.

“He said it was a speech that would extol Western civilization, which is fine, and Christian values,” Woodhouse said. “But those terms, put together, are a dog whistle to white nationalists. What they’re really talking about is Christian, European and white.”

So, Western civilization if “fine” for Democrats, but when “Christian values” come into the picture, it suddenly becomes a “dog whistle” for racism.

Carlson really steamrolled Woodhouse during this session by exposing his liberal ideas as being shallow and misguided. You can watch the full exchange here:

“You know what, stoking the fires of race hatred with an overstatement like that will not end well at all,” Carlson concluded before thanking Woodhouse for appearing on his show.

Trump’s speech in Poland was exactly what we all needed to hear.

After eight years of an administration that apologized for America, it’s nice to have someone who defends our way of life and doesn’t apologize for who we are.

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