Tucker Loses It When Satanist Brings Veterans into the Mix

Tucker Loses It When Satanist Brings Veterans into the Mix

“On nation, under Satan… with liberty and justice….” It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but one group wants to bring their fringe beliefs to the forefront of American culture.

Tucker Carlson could barely keep from losing his cool after a Satanist appeared on his show, and brought American veterans into his odd argument.

According to TheBlaze, Tucker’s guest Lucien Greaves is the co-founder of The Satanic Temple. As you can probably guess from the name alone, the organization isn’t exactly a strong ally of Christianity. With that said, the tenants of the group are not overtly opposed to American values.

Despite its provocative name, The Satanic Temple lists guidelines such as “one should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason” and “the freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend” on its official website.

That group has been working to place a Satanic monument within Veterans Memorial Park in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. The shrine would ostensibly be to intended to honor U.S. veterans, but many observers — including Tucker — view the move as a way to purposely offend and stir up Christians.

“I think that people should have the right to speak,” Carlson explained to Greaves, “but also they should have to answer questions, and the right to speak and the right to sort of give the finger to the residents of this little town in Minnesota is not exactly … the same thing.”

The self-described Satanist quickly fired back. “That is not what we were doing … if you look at the monument, it’s very respectful, it’s reverent,” said Greaves.

“A simple monument, really. [It’s a monument] for veterans,” Greaves continued.

The Satanic Temple had planned to install the monument in the so-called “free speech zone” of Belle Plaine’s veterans park.

When residents of the small town objected, the city council voted to end the controversy by getting rid of that entire zone, which effectively prevented the satanic monument from being placed at all.

Greaves continued to claim that the arguably offensive statue — a metal cube marked with a pentagram and a soldier’s helmet — was first and foremost about honoring veterans.

“Not all veterans are Christian, not all veterans are Satanists, but they did fight for pluralism and they did fight for free speech. And to that end, it’s nice to know that we can preserve those values,” he insisted.

However, Tucker didn’t buy that argument, and hinted that the Satanist group was most likely trying to insult and provoke established religions.

“Look, here’s the point I’m making: there’s no comparison between Satanism — which is like a silly, made-up religion which has no God — Christianity or Judaism or Islam … they’re millennia old, they run hospitals, churches, schools; they form the basis of our civil society,” Carlson stated.

“They don’t really compare to what you’re doing,” the host continued.

Tucker Carlson has a strong point: It seems unlikely that Greaves and his Satanic group would be so keen to place monuments if doing so didn’t upset Christians.

Like rebellious teenagers who enjoy shocking people for a thrill, The Satanic Temple seems most focused on getting attention and provoking others.

Whether that falls under free speech is debatable, but to pretend that pentagrams and Satanic monuments help honor veterans is being dishonest.

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