Truth About Democrat ” White Privilege” Every Voter Needs to See

Truth About Democrat White Privilege Every Voter Needs to See

From Regan Pifer: Look who doesn’t like the media now!

Senator Bernie Sanders is getting all hot and bothered when questioned by various news sources concerning the “FBI investigation into his wife Jane Saunders surrounding her tenure as head of the now-defunct Burlington College” and “fraudulently obtained a bank loan for the college while she was at the helm”.

Allegations also suggest the senator used “his influence to pressure the bank to approve the loan.”

While Sanders wants to brush all of this off and calls the investigation “politically motivated” and an “absolute lie,” no one–from the left OR right has stopped asking questions.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Sanders was asked about the allegations in a May interview with local Vermont TV station WCAX, and he was in no hurry to directly discuss the matter, Politico reported:

“There’s an implication, and from at least one individual, an explicit argument that when they called for an investigation into Burlington College that you used your influence to secure a loan from People’s United—”

The senator cut him off.

Sanders is used to fielding softball questions from an adoring local press, but his inquisitor, Kyle Midura of Burlington TV station WCAX, had a rare opportunity to put him on the spot. Investigative reporters had been breaking stories about a federal investigation into allegations that the senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, had committed fraud in obtaining bank loans for the now defunct Burlington College, and that Sanders’s Senate office had weighed in.

“Well, as you know,” he said, “it would be improp—this implication came from Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Vermont. Let me leave it at that, because it would be improper at this point for me to say anything more.”

Midura leaned in. “You’ve previously said it was nonsense.”

“Yes,” Sanders responded, “it is nonsense. But now that there is a process going on, which was initiated by Trump’s campaign manager, somebody who does this all of the time, has gone after a number of Democrats and progressives in this state. It would be improper at this point for me to add any more to that.”

And when Fox News or CNN broaches the topic, Sanders, again, grows irritated, shifts discussion to healthcare, insults the Trump administration, or refuses to talk about it anymore.

See for yourself!

Apparently, the Bern believes everyone should have free education and healthcare… but only certain people should be questioned and challenged.

Typical Socialist…

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