Trump’s New Presidential Limo “The Beast” Is Looking Awesome

Trumps New Presidential Limo The Beast Is Looking Awesome

U.S. presidents always traveled in style in a large, well-armored, black Cadillacs limousine, but now that might change.

Car and Driver magazine just published pictures of the new president’s limousine, called “The Beast,” and it looks amazing.

The first thing that can be noticed is the camouflage color on the thick armor-like body.

According to Car and Driver, the Secret Service was testing “The Beast” or also known as “Stagecoach” on public roads near Milford, Michigan, meaning the limo will be arriving at the White House very soon.

Take a look at the difference between the two limos:

The Beast is built on a medium-duty truck platform, with Goodyear Regional RHS II tires, that are commonly used on buses and trucks. The limo needs those tires because weighs around of 14,000 and 20,000 pounds.

The limo has specifications that will make you think that the beast has superpowers. The limo will have night-vision gear and run-flat tires. It will also have one amazing ability, to fire gas canisters out the front bumper.

The beast can accommodate up to 7 people, and it bombproof, bulletproof and equipped for the worst.

The limo will also have, 8″-thick armored doors, 5″-thick windows, satellite phone with a direct connection to the Pentagon and the vice president.

The new presidential limousine is almost ready and will be seen in October.

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