Trump Wants to Add Special Exhibition to Obama’s EPA Museum

Trump Wants to Add Special Exhibition to Obamas EPA Museum

President Donald Trump has made it a priority to undo the anti-coal, job-killing policies that his predecessor put in place, and he’s even considering trolling former President Barack Obama in an epic way over the issue.

The Trump administration has been considering removing exhibits about Obama-era climate rules from the Environmental Protection Agency museum — rules that suffocated the coal industry and killed countless jobs. In their place, the president could erect shrines to an industry that Obama desperately tried to dismantle, according to The Washington Post.

An EPA official told The Post that the reformulation of the one-room museum in Washington’s Ronald Reagan International Trade Building included getting rid of exhibits about Obama’s Clean Power Plan and instead using that space to educate visitors about the coal industry.

The museum opened just days before Trump took office and boasted many of Obama’s signature efforts to fight climate change, such as the CPP, which was summarily scrapped by Trump just three months into his presidency.

The fact that parts of the museum were not compatible with the president’s energy agenda was brought to the attention of Trump’s team by Nancy Grantham, a career public affairs employee at the EPA.

“I wanted to make sure that they knew it existed,” Grantham told The Post. “That’s just how I operate. I don’t like to be surprised, and I assume others don’t like to be, either.”

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has taken a “back-to-basics” approach to his role as the agency’s leader, focusing on its original mission of protecting the nation’s air, land and water. That agenda would reportedly be on display at the museum until final decisions have been made, according to Business Insider.

Overturning Obama’s anti-coal policies has been one of Trump’s biggest accomplishments in the White House, and there’s no better way to memorialize it than by putting a display honoring the coal industry into a museum for the EPA.

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