Trump Visits UN, Makes Epic 5-Word Announcement

Trump Visits UN Makes Epic 5-Word Announcement

On Monday, President Donald Trump kicked off his first official visit to the United Nations as president with a series of high profile meetings and announcements that shook up the international community.

Trump, who campaigned on the promise of “America First,” told those gathered for a meeting about reforming the U.N. that he has a plan for them, The Washington Examiner reported.

Trump stated in five bold words that he wanted to “make the United Nations great.” He didn’t say “again,” because he (like anyone with a brain) knows that the U.N. certainly is not great — but that it could be better.

“The United Nations has tremendous potential and we’ll see how it works out,” Trump stated. “I think the main message is, ‘Make the United Nations great.’ Not again, ‘Make the United Nations great.’ Such tremendous potential, and I think we’ll be able to do this.”

Trump is right. The U.N. does actually have the potential to do good things, like helping to pool resources to aid countries affected by famine, poverty and natural disasters.

However, there is a limit to what the U.N. should be allowed to do. As a massive, bloated, corrupt worldwide government, the U.N. will never replace our own government — and Trump knows that.

“We encourage all member states to look at ways to take bold stands at the United Nations with an eye toward changing business as usual and not being beholden to ways of the past which were not working,” Trump stated during his visit.

On the campaign trail, Trump often blasted the U.N. as being an example of everything that was wrong with global politics. Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., has made reforming the U.N. one of her top priorities.

CNBC noted that Trump pointed out some numbers that show that the U.N. isn’t using its money wisely, and that serious steps should be taken to address its “mismanagement.”

“While the United Nations on a regular budget has increased by 140 percent and its staff has more than doubled since 2000, we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. But I know under the secretary-general that’s changing, and it’s changing fast,” Trump said.

Trump knows that the U.N. can be better than it ever has been, but he also know that there are natural limits on what it can (and should) do, and he isn’t going to try to increase its power.

The U.N. has no business running our lives, and thankfully we have a president who will make sure that the U.N. never replaces our own sovereignty.

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