Trump Upsets Liberals With Surprise Weekend Tweet Storm

Trump Upsets Liberals With Surprise Weekend Tweet Storm

President Donald Trump certainly had a lot to talk about this weekend, and he talked about it in his favorite way — namely, on Twitter.

In a wide-ranging Saturday morning Twitter strike against everything that’s irking him, the president sent the left into a meltdown over several issues, including pardons, the Clinton family’s alleged history of corruption and a report that The New York Times leaked information that allowed Islamic State group head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi escape.

The first tweet was directed against The Washington Post, which published information claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions hadn’t been entirely forthcoming about his interactions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The subject then turned to another favorite bete noire of the president, The New York Times.

The president was referring to a report from Fox News. According to the network, a general said that the paper leaked information which foiled an attempt to kill the terrorist leader. The Hill reported that The Times is asking for an apology and a retraction of the story.

The president then moved on to his power to pardon himself and others, saying that while he did have that power, the media was only focusing on it as part of a campaign of fake news. Trump also denied any wrongdoing in the Russia investigation:

Then, he turned his attention to Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

Next came a defense of his son, Donald Trump Jr., noting he’d been more cooperative than Hillary Clinton.

Finally, he encouraged Republican Senators to pass health care reform.

Needless to say, liberals on social media went into meltdown mode.

Good luck with those. It’s clear that Trump isn’t going to kowtow to the left, instead spreading his message via Twitter. It may be unusual, but he certainly gets the point across — and that should have a lot of people on the left very worried.

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