Trump Tweets “We”… Twitter Goes Wild

Trump Tweets We Twitter Goes Wild

President Donald Trump’s Twitter posts have been making news all their own since he was sworn into office. Trump’s use of the social medial platform not only provides a look inside his mind, but it is also a good way for him to bypass the liberal media and communicate directly with the American people.

On Saturday, Trump accidentally sent out a tweet that had only the word “we” in it. Clearly sent in error, the tweet was quickly deleted, but not before computer users on the internet (mostly Democrats) began mocking it roundly, AOL reported.

Some people started trying to turn “we” into a hashtag, using it to call for things like Trump’s tax returns and the alleged tapes that Trump may have of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.

Some even used it to once again bring up the (completely unproven) connections between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Hill noted that former Hillary Clinton aide Adam Parkhomenko tried to use the we tweet to start a campaign about how “we” would overcome Trump and all the usual liberal blabbering.

The Huffington Post noted that it is unclear if Trump himself sent out the errant tweet, or it was a staffer who had access to his account.

Only liberals would try to take some ridiculous typo and turn it into a campaign against Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if California Rep. Maxine Waters is trying to find a way to show that this mistaken tweet proves Trump should be impeached.

While Trump is focused on the real issues facing this country, Democrats are trying to politicize literally everything Trump does.

If Trump decided tomorrow that he was in favor of abortion and a single-payer health care system, I guarantee you liberals would suddenly come up with a thousand reasons how those stances show that Trump was in league with the Russians.

Maybe liberals should try focusing on providing policy options, not a peanut gallery … although, given the quality of policy options they normally come up with, maybe this is actually better.

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