Trump Supporter Forced Out of Starbucks Store After Employees Bully Her

Trump Supporter Forced Out of Starbucks Store After Employees Bully Her

Starbucks employees in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, brutally bullied a supporter of President Donald Trump this week, forcing her to flee from the store in embarrassment and humiliation.

Kayla Hart popped into the Starbucks in Dilworth sporting a Trump campaign T-shirt and promptly placed her order for an iced tea, Fox News reported. The situation quickly a took a turn for the worse, however, when the cashier looked at her and laughed.

When her drink was ready, instead of her iced tea showing her name, as is the customary procedure at the chain, it simply said, “Build a Wall.”

“They shouted out, ‘Build a Wall’ and shoved my drink at me,” Hart said. “And then all the baristas in the back started cracking up laughing.”

Hart quickly became the center of attention as other customers noticed the commotion. Not willing to stand around and be ridiculed, Hart fled the store.

“I don’t know what politics has to do with getting a cup of coffee,” she said. “I just walked out because everyone was staring.”

Hart is disappointed and saddened that she couldn’t freely express her opinion without being ridiculed.

“I just found it really said that I can’t wear a T-shirt with our president without being made fun of,” she said.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Hart promptly emailed Starbucks customer service after her harrowing experience. Starbucks reportedly apologized and released a statement on the status of the event.

“We have failed to meet this customer’s expectation of us, and we have apologized and are working directly with her to make it right,” the statement read. “This experience is not consistent with our standards or the welcoming and respectful customer experience we aim to provide every customer who visit our stores.”

Starbucks has also reportedly spoken with the baristas who bullied Hart and are using this situation as a “coaching opportunity.”

Hart says she doesn’t intend to encourage people to boycott the popular coffee chain.

“This isn’t me trying to get people to stop going to Starbucks,” she said. “I just want it to be put out there so people know this is what’s occurring.”

Hart hasn’t decided yet if she’s going to return to the shop. She’s reportedly waiting to hear from the store’s district manager before making a decision.

Check out the Fox report here:

In America, people are given the right to speak, dress and live how they choose. As Hart stated, it’s a sad day in the land of free and home of the brave when someone can’t wear a T-shirt supporting their president without being humiliated and ridiculed.

It’s a wicked double standard that the folks who identify as being accepting and respectful of any and all types of people are often those who are the most closed-minded of any American. What’s worse, they often don’t hesitate to bully those who oppose their opinions.

Let’s hope that this situation in North Carolina serves as a wake up call and, if nothing else, forces liberals to pause and reconsider the double standards in which they operate.

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