Trump Has Spent $5 Million Less Than Obamas on Staff Costs

Trump Has Spent 5 Million Less Than Obamas on Staff Costs

Present Donald Trump’s staff spending is giving Americans something to be happy about — and puts former President Barack Obama to shame.

The Trump administration released its annual payroll report to Congress on White House Office Personnel on Friday and the projected four-year savings numbers indicate taxpayers could save $22 million.

The reasons behind the savings include cuts in the amount of money spent on first lady Melania Trump compared to former first lady Michelle Obama, putting an end to the large number of “czars” and “fellowships” employed by Obama, and an overall smaller White House workforce, Forbes reported.

The report revealed that there are 110 fewer White House workers since Obama left office, saving taxpayers almost $5 million.

Additionally, the first lady’s staff was cut from a whopping 24 staffers to only five. That’s right, Michelle Obama had a staff of 24, which is most likely more than any other first lady, according to

The projected numbers from the report also include Trump’s promise to accept one dollar for his annual salary and give the remainder back to the U.S. Department of Interior. Part of Trump’s first quarter salary was donated to the National Park Service.

The report also showed that first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, also do not receive salaries for their positions as advisers to the president.

When Trump ran for office, he said that the federal government spent too much money and vowed to shrink government and cut spending.

It looks like he is following through on that promise.

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