Trump Said Patience With NK Is Over

Trump Said Patience With NK Is Over

Various members of President Donald Trump’s administration have noted in the past few months that the prior era of “strategic patience” with North Korea’s rogue communist regime has ended, but Trump himself just reiterated that blunt message Friday.

According to The Hill, Trump was speaking in the White House Rose Garden alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in when he put North Korea on notice, saying all patience with the country has worn thin.

“Together, we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in North Korea,” Trump stated in his remarks. “The nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response.”

“The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed — many years it has failed — and, frankly, that patience is over,” the president added.

According to Fox News, Trump referenced the terrible treatment received by American citizen Otto Warmbier, who had been held in custody for more than a year by the North Koreans before being released in a coma, and dying from his condition about a week after returning home.

“The United States will defend itself, always will defend itself,” as well as its allies, Trump continued.

As for the aforementioned “determined response” that would be required to confront the regime, Trump declined to offer up any details other than to say that he had been reviewing many options and “we have a very, very strong and solid plan.”

NBC News reported that the blunt talk toward North Korea came one day after the U.S. Treasury Department issued sanctions against, and essentially “blacklisted,” the Chinese Bank of Dandong for allegedly engaging in millions of dollars worth of illicit business with the North Korean regime.

It was also announced that day that the White House approved a $1 billion arms deal with Taiwan, which is considered a rebellious breakaway province by China. This is likely part of a larger bid to continue pressuring China into taking further actions of its own against the disastrous dictator state on its border.

North Korea’s communist regime under Kim Jong Un is indeed brutal and reckless toward both its own citizens and any foreigner in the country unlucky enough to be accused of running afoul of their laws.

Kim has also made it quite clear that he has no intentions of ceasing development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles capable of carrying them, even as the United Nations has expressly forbidden him from doing so.

Should Kim ever get his hands on a nuclear-equipped missile that could reach the United States, he may very well use such a devastating weapon, even as our inevitable response would likely spell the end of Kim, his regime and potentially thousands of civilians who have suffered under his tyrannical rule.

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