Trump Jr. Trolls Hillary Over Harvey Weinstein, but It’s Rob Schneider Who Drives the Nail Through Her Coffin

Trump Jr Trolls Hillary Over Harvey Weinstein but Its Rob Schneider Who Drives the Nail Through Her Coffin

Media has been pretty silent on the sexual harassment scandal of Harvey Weinstein. Even late night comedians have failed to take their shots, something that you would think would be a natural consequence. Well, at least it would be if the person accused were a Republican like Donald Trump.

Lorne Michaels showed the hypocrisy of Hollywood by saying, “It a New York thing” apparently indicating the Weinstein received a pass from SNL because he was from New York. But of course, that’s an odd point to make since President Donald Trump is also from New York, even from the same borough of New York City as Weinstein, Queens.

But there’s another New Yorker (at least adopted) who has remained silent as well.

That’s Hillary Clinton.

America News noted some of the reasons she may be remaining silent.

In addition to campaign contribution personally from Weinstein, he helped throw fundraisers for her bringing in thousands if not millions more.

He connected her up with his Hollywood friends who donated more money to her.

He also donated $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Some of the other Democrats who received donations from Weinstein have said they will be donating the money to charity.

The DNC who received hundreds of thousands from him naturally said they would only donate back a small portion…to Democratically-aligned charities.

Hillary had no trouble attacking President Donald Trump for supposedly standing too close to her during a debate.

She also said that all victims are to be believed. Although that doesn’t appear to apply to anyone alleging anything against Bill Clinton.

But Clinton got called out on Twitter for her silence including by some pretty prominent names.

Donald Trump, Jr. thought he’d give her a little nudge to do the right thing.

Conservative actor Rob Schneider also chimed in with an assist, which Trump, Jr. then ‘liked’ on Twitter.

Whoever kidnapped @HillaryClinton the last 48 hours so she couldn’t talk to the press PLEASE LET HER GO!” Schneider tweeted.

Great job, guys! At least one comedian, Schneider is willing to touch the subject.

And yet still, even with those nudges, even with the opportunity to do battle with Trump, Jr and Schneider, or to criticize his father to use him to deflect from the issue, she remains silent.

So what’s the story, Hillary?

Even Meryl Streep has now weighed in.

When will you disavow this guy?

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