Trump Heard the Appeal from Obama’s Billionaire Friend, And This was His Response

Trump Heard the Appeal from Obamas Billionaire Friend And This was His Response

President Trump has been called out on various issues by the Hollywood elite, and lately, he has been receiving plenty of heat from Barack Obama’s right-hand man Richard Branson. The issues Branson has with trump are mainly focused on climate change amendments and recent hurricanes crisis. Poor Barack, his good buddy just got a nasty surprise from President Trump, and it will affect Obama, too.

He even dared to ask Trump to give back taxpayers’ money to the people, which is an unlikely scenario to play out, as the President explained. Basically, Branson got a piece of Trump’s mind on the matter, making Obama deeply uncomfortable.

As you know, Richard Branson was the first to welcome fresh-out-of-the-White-House couple Barack and Michelle Obama to his Necker Island. However, he was never friends with politics, which was clearly proven when he tried to channel his inner Robert De Niro and ask for financial help for the hurricane-stricken Necker Island. A week ago, De Niro demanded the same at Bermuda, where he owns a property.

De Niro actually did what every other liberal would do- he whined, and complained and took his acting classes quite too seriously, pulling off a major drama monologue right in the center of UN’s Assembly.

“Mr. Branson criticised the President’s stance in an interview on CNN, where he was asked about the impact of climate change on hurricanes. ‘Look, you can never be 100 percent sure about links,’ he replied, ‘but the scientists have said the storms are going to get more and more and more intense and more and more often.’”

Branson continued, “We’ve had four storms within a month, all far greater than have ever, ever, ever happened in history. Sadly, I think this is the start of things to come. Look, climate change is real. Ninety-nine percent of scientists know it’s real. The whole world knows it’s real except for maybe one person in the White House.”

Branson is emotionally attached to Necker Island, not because of its beauty and or chance for prosperity, but simply because one of his most valuable businesses derives straight from that territory. Here is how he addressed the UN: “My thoughts are turning to working with others to help create a long-term Marshall Plan for the BVI [British Virgin Islands], and for the Caribbean to be reconstructed and rejuvenated with clean energy and new jobs.”

Branson even spoke about creating his own Marshall Plan, which stroke everyone as highly absurd. Just to get acquainted, The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) is an American program that intends to provide aid to Western Europe. It was then the US gave Europe gave over $13 billion to economically build up Western European countries after the World War II ended.

To have Branson compare that move to what he is looking for now is mindblowing, for sure. What happened on Hecker Island is, yes, terrible, and help should be provided, but having in mind that Branson is only looking to keep his assets safe- well, that is kind of a game-changer.

As Branson’s “Marshall Plan” first broke, reports claimed that the President has already signed a declaration set to send help for the U.S. Virgin Islands in light of Hurricane Maria, which was labeled a Category 4 storm.

All the while, Branson can eat his little heart out, as he was left out in the dry.

So much for trashing climate change amendments, right? I wonder what Michelle and Barack would have to say about this one? Not only they’ll lose a valuable resort, they will also lose to Trump, which to them is catastrophic.

The hurricanes were a matter of most urgent value, so to have brainiacs such as De Niro and Branson, screaming around asking for donations that would serve their own personal gain alone, is simply out of this world.

Trump said it once, and I’m thinking he is not afraid to say it again- it is not happening!

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