Trump Goes Rogue, Calls Out Islamists in Early-Morning Tweetstorm

Trump Goes Rogue Calls Out Islamists in Early-Morning Tweetstorm

Refusing to cower to political correctness, President Donald Trump went rogue Wednesday, taking dead aim at radical Islamic terrorists and the violence they sow.

Trump retweeted three separate videos from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the right-wing U.K. party Britain First, that reportedly show Muslims attacking innocent people.

At least one of the videos has been questioned about its authenticity, and whether the attacker portrayed really was Muslim, but White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday said the president’s intent was to spread the message of danger from abroad. The retweets, she said, did that.

“Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real,” Sanders said, according to the Washington Examiner. “(Trump’s) goal is to promote strong border security and strong national security.”

In the first video — the one questioned by critics — Fransen said a Muslim migrant was depicted attacking a Dutch boy who uses a crutch.

It’s a disturbing scene. The attacker approached the victim in a clearly threatening way, then stood briefly with his arm around him. The individual recording the attack can be heard saying, “let’s go.”

Around the 15-second mark, the attacker takes a step back, and then leaps forward to kick the victim in the leg.

The attacker then punches and kicks the victim several times, while the man recording the video can be heard laughing.

In the second video from Fransen, an apparently Muslim man can be seen destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary.

After making a statement in Arabic, the man slams the statue to the ground, shattering it.

Mary, of course, was the mother of Jesus and serves as a symbol of strength and purity for countless Christians.

Fransen claimed the third clip showed an Islamist mob assaulting several people after they were pushed from a ledge on a rooftop.

In the video, a man can be seen with a flag that appears to be the banner used by the Islamic State terrorist group.

Around the one-minute mark in the video, other men can be seen tossing several people off a ledge down to the rooftop, where a group of men appears to be attacking them when they land. According to Fransen, the victims included a teenage boy who was beaten to death.

The savagery of the scene is appalling.

Warning: This video contains graphic footage that may be uncomfortable:

As Sanders explained to the White House press corps, Trump’s decision to retweet these three videos reportedly showing Islamist violence was meant to show the American people how crucial border security is — and how dangerous the threat of radical Islam really is.

By informing his millions of followers of these heinous attacks, Trump is definitely taking a stand on the issue, and trying to show Americans why the country needs extreme vetting, a border wall, and a travel ban on individuals trying to get into the U.S. from terrorist-ridden nations.

No country can afford to normalize these violent attacks from radical jihadists.

Rather than cower to radical Islam like Barack Obama, Trump is putting the terrorism issue front and center.

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