Trump Family Christmas Card Has Conservatives Cheering, Nothing Like the Obamas’

Trump Family Christmas Card Has Conservatives Cheering Nothing Like the Obamas

When then-candidate Donald Trump was running for office, he repeatedly promised to end the “War on Christmas” — a secular push from the left to remove “Christ” from the Christmas season.

Now that President Trump is in the White House, it is obvious that he and his family have brought the Christmas spirit with them, as evidenced by the gorgeous manner in which first lady Melania Trump directed “The People’s House” be decorated, according to The Washington Post.

One small — but telling — piece of evidence signaling the return of Christmas that has conservatives and Christians cheering is the official White House Christmas card: It contains a rather noticeable difference from that of Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

As BizPac Review noted, the card from Trump’s family wishes recipients a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

By contrast, Obama’s final card in 2016 contained the generic “Happy Holidays” greeting.

How many times did Trump promise the American people that “We’re going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”? Chalk this up to yet another promise kept.

Where Trump and Obama didn’t differ, though, was with the inclusion of their children on the card. Both Sasha and Malia Obamas’ signatures were included on the Obama family card, and Barron Trump’s signature is included on the Trump family card.

Speaking of the 11-year-old Barron, his inclusion on the family Christmas card isn’t the only role he has played in bringing Christmas back to the White House, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Indeed, young Barron — or rather, an illustrated version of the president’s youngest offspring — is serving as a sort of virtual tour guide for visitors to the Christmas White House.

Located within the “Time-Honored Traditions” Christmas booklet that is distributed to guests, the illustrated version of Barron leads them throughout the White House.

Decked out in slacks, a white buttoned shirt, blue blazer and red scarf, the illustrated Barron can be seen in many of the pictures included in the booklet, from guiding visitors past the icicle-capped branches overhanging the East Colonnade to ornaments hanging on the main Christmas tree in the Blue Room.

That tree was decorated with special ornaments symbolizing each of the 50 states as well as the several U.S. territories. Of course, the illustrated Barron is seen hanging the New York state ornament, as that was his home prior to moving into the White House.

The president has made no bones about his aversion to staunch political correctness. Like many other Americans, he saw the increasing use of “Happy Holidays” in lieu of “Merry Christmas” as one of the worst examples of PC culture.

In the Trump White House, generic greetings are reserved for appropriately generic instances and the celebration of “Christmas” is once again in vogue.

For that, we here at Conservative Tribune couldn’t be more grateful, and we joyfully join with the president and his family to wish all of our readers a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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