Trump Destroyed ISIS In Mosul

Trump Destroyed ISIS In Mosul

After the liberation of one of the last Islamic State group strongholds — the Iraqi city of Mosul — President Donald Trump celebrated the major victory for coalition forces and vowed to “continue to seek the total destruction of ISIS.”

According to Fox News, Iraq declared on Monday that its forces had achieved “total victory” over the Islamic State fighters in the ancient city.

“This great feast day crowned the victories of the fighters and the Iraqis for the past three years,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement with some of his top military men outside of Mosul’s Old City, where much of the fighting had taken place.

After a nine-month siege of the city, Iraqi troops finally made their way through the Old City in a slog that involved “punching holes through walls and demolishing houses to carve supply routes and fighting positions,” Fox News reported.

On the same day that Iraq declared victory over the Islamic State group forces in Mosul, Trump issued a statement warning the Islamic State that its days were numbered.

“We mourn the thousands of Iraqis brutally killed by ISIS and the millions of Iraqis who suffered at the hands of ISIS.  We grieve with the Iraqi people for the loss of the heroic soldiers and Peshmerga who gave their lives to restore life to their country, and we honor their sacrifice,” Trump said in the statement, according to The Daily Caller.

“We in the United States and the Global Coalition are proud to stand with the Iraqi Security Forces and all those who made this moment of liberation possible,” he added. And then, he called out the rest of the terrorist organization…