Trump Declares KJU Is the Number 1 Security Threat to Americans

Trump Declares KJU Is the Number 1 Security Threat to Americans

Over the past few months, President Donald Trump has had to deal with a number of serious security issues, ranging from the Russians, to Syria, to Islamic terrorism to North Korea.

During a briefing on sanctions against Sudan on Wednesday, a senior administration official stated that the Trump administration considers North Korea to be the No. 1 security threat facing the United States, the U.S. State Department reported.

“The Trump administration has made it really clear that the No. 1 security issue for them and for our new government is North Korea. And that is a global, top security issue,” the “senior administration official” said as part of the background briefing.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. North Korea’s crack-pot dictator has made it clear that he is bound and determined to acquire a nuclear weapon that is capable of striking the United States.

This isn’t the first time Trump officials have indicated how seriously they are taking the North Korean threat.

Fox News reported that United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley warned after North Korea’s missile launch that the United States would consider using military force if necessary.

“One of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces. We will use them if must, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction,” Haley stated.

Trump has made it clear that he won’t allow North Korea to acquire any sort of nuclear armed missile that could hit the United States. So far, Trump has tried to work through China to enact change in North Korea.

However it has become clear that that approach isn’t working. The Washington Post reported that North Korea’s most recent missile launch has given it the ability to hit Alaska and possibly Hawaii, a capability the communist country has never had before

If Trump is now labeling North Korea as public enemy No. 1, that means that he is considering any and all options that can be used against the regime — including military strikes.

The time to act against North Korea is now, while they don’t possess the ability to strike all of the United States with nuclear weapons.

Let’s hope Trump is working on a plan to end this threat once and for all.

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