Trump Begins Demolition of Michelle’s Proudest Achievement

Trump Begins Demolition of Michelles Proudest Achievement

President Donald Trump has been systematically dismantling the Obama administration’s legacy ever since he took office, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Most recently, the Department of Agriculture finally announced that it would be rolling back some of former first lady Michelle Obama’s restrictions on what can be served in public school lunches, ABC News reported.

Effective July 1, after a period for public comment, schools will again be allowed to serve chocolate milk to students thanks to the lifting of some restrictions.

The USDA announced that it is also easing restrictions on sodium content, and allowing milk with one percent fat to be served in schools again.

“Schools need flexibility in menu planning so they can serve nutritious and appealing meals,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue explained.

“Schools want to offer food that students actually want to eat. It doesn’t do any good to serve nutritious meals if they wind up in the trash can,” he added.

Obama’s school lunches were arguably some of the most vile, disgusting things ever known to man, and thankfully the Trump administration is working on getting rid of them.

It’s taken a lot longer than expected, but we are finally seeing some progress in making sure our kids have meals they actually want to eat.

USA Today noted that this has upset some people who think that the easing of these regulations will lead to more obesity, and the eventual dismantling of Obama’s entire school lunch program.

Hate to break it to them, but parenting and personal responsibility are more important to combating obesity than the government ever could be.

Plus, I can’t think of many students who would be upset to see this program eliminated.

The Hill noted that the rollback of some of these regulations is also being touted as a cost-saving measure designed to aid school budgets.

“Based on the feedback we’ve gotten from students, schools, and food service professionals in local schools across America, it’s clear that many still face challenges incorporating some of the meal pattern requirements,” Perdue explained.

Tastebuds across America can now rejoice knowing that the Obama-era disgusting school lunches are finally coming to an end.

These government-approved lunches didn’t help anything — except to provide great proof of why the government getting involved in every aspect of our lives is a bad idea.

Let’s hope the Trump administration will only continue to roll back the unnecessary regulations of the Obama administration.

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