Only True Patriots Appreciate What Trump Was Seen Wearing at G-20 Summit

Only True Patriots Appreciate What Trump Was Seen Wearing at G-20 Summit

When U.S. President Donald Trump gathered with other world leaders Friday for this year’s Group of Twenty class photo, he stood out from the crowd because of his decision to eschew wearing a G-20 lapel pin in favor of the American flag pin he typically wears at home.

Though nobody in the liberal media had picked up on this by Saturday morning — which is technically good since they would’ve just bashed him for it — there’s no way we at Conservative Tribune are going to ignore it.

By displaying the American flag pin for all the world to see, and as his peers instead pranced about with their G-20 pins, Trump established loud and clear that he prioritizes the interests of “America first” above and beyond everything and everybody else; and rightly so.

Take a look:

It’s a sentiment he echoed last month when he pulled the United States out of the misguided Paris climate agreement.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” he proudly announced from the White House on June 1. “I promised I would exit or renegotiate any deal which fails to serve America’s interests.”

But the president did more than just reassert his commitment to “America first” on Friday. He also subtly reminded the world of American exceptionalism. In purposefully replacing the customary G-20 pin with an American flag pin, he was signalling to other nations that he and those whom he represents are unlike them; they’re unique, they’re better, they’re exceptional.

And though leftists are loathe to admit as much, this is an undeniable truth that stems from the fateful decisions made centuries ago by our Founding Fathers.

“The ideas that define and govern our nation come from a specific culture, and that culture comes from (and has defined) a specific place,” David French of National Review explains. “The Founders were heirs to a specific intellectual and religious tradition — one that is both alien and superior to many competing cultures and faiths.

We are Americans, we are exceptional and we are unstoppable.

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