Trolled: Verizon Employees Walk Into Store, Instantly See Epic Prank Sprint Pulled on Them

Trolled Verizon Employees Walk Into Store Instantly See Epic Prank Sprint Pulled on Them

Sprint and Verizon are bitter rivals for America’s cellular consumer base, and although Verizon is the bigger company, what Sprint just did to poke fun at Verizon prices is nothing less than epic.

Sprint forgets completely about the concept of attacking the prices, quality, or service of “the other leading brand” and goes directly for Verizon with a parody operation called the “Twice the Price Store.”

And the best part about the fake store? It’s right next to an actual Verizon store in the New York City borough of Queens, according to Fast Company. That means some Verizon employees couldn’t even get to work without instantly seeing how their competition was making fun of them.

In the “Twice the Price Store,” everything there is twice what it ought to cost!

Want a mop? Twice the price, my friend. Motor oil? Same! Bouncy balls? That’ll be $20, please. And of course, one cannot forget the elderly “millennial” backing their product! What could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps best of all — after their clever, cheesy in-store advertisements, the spoofers point out that the store is “conveniently located right next to Verizon!”

“If you’re already here paying twice as much for their unlimited data plan, why not hop on over and waste your money with us, too?” the phony advertiser says.

The rate Sprint charges for unlimited data on four lines is posted at the end of the ad — $22.50 a month per line for four lines is not bad, at all.

Fast Company reported that the store was only open for one day, and that the store was just for browsing — you couldn’t really buy things, not that you’d want to. But the principle behind it is one for the ages — pricing is best determined by a free market, where free people can freely decide how much any given product or service is worth.

Shoppers who decide they want to spend more than they have to for anything, from clothes to cars to government-run health insurance, are a rare breed.

And any business that charges more than the market will bear won’t find itself in business very long.

That’s a lesson worth remembering.

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