What Trail Camera Caught Behind Deer Makes It a 1 in a Million Shot

What Trail Camera Caught Behind Deer Makes It a 1 in a Million Shot

Hunters and trappers, along with some farmers and ranchers, sometimes make use of special trail cameras set up in various locations in order to keep an eye out for wildlife, such as game they’d like to target or dangerous predators they need to guard against.

Sometimes those trail cams see nothing. Other times they catch still pictures or video of some surprising, and amazing wild animals.

Wide Open Spaces recently shared video that was obtained from a trail cam that featured a beautiful young buck, but it was what was in the background behind the deer that has caught everyone’s attention.

While the deer calmly grazed on some grass right in front of the camera, a crazy thunderstorm raged in the sky all around him.

The deer seemed entirely unfazed by the storm, even as lightning bolts lit up the sky and claps of thunder roared and rolled through the air.

At one point a massive bolt of lightning struck that lit up the screen like a nuclear blast had just gone off, almost completely eclipsing the deer in the bright wash of light, but the buck just kept on grazing.

It is unclear exactly where this video was filmed, but the time stamp along the bottom of the video indicated that it occurred the night of July 19.

We have likely all been hungry enough at some point that literally nothing could distract us from eating our fill, but this deer takes that singular focus to an entirely new level.

This was pretty cool video of a raging storm that perfectly framed a calmly grazing deer. If only we could all remain so calm as life’s storms rage around us.

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