Traditional Christmas Event Canceled Because of Migrants

Traditional Christmas Event Canceled Because of Migrants

Western Europe has experienced an unprecedented wave of migration from the Middle East over the past few years — a wave that has forced the Continent to radically change various aspects of everyday life.

This year, the city of Lyon in France is canceling an annual Christmas market due to the high cost of protecting it from a potential terror attack, PJ Media reported.

Terrorism has become a serious problem for Europe, and it was estimated that it would cost up to 20,000 euros — about $23,000 — to protect this event.

“This year, the cost of security would have reached nearly 20,000€. To at least balance our budget, we should have increased either the number of stands or the rental price of the sites (2 to 3,000€ per week),” a project manager with the Lyon Côté Croix-Rousse merchant’s association told the French newspaper Le Progrès.

A Google translation of the article can be found here.

“The decision to (cancel) the 2017 edition was complicated and difficult to take, but no solution could be found, despite our discussions with the town hall,” the project manager said.

Last year, a terrorist who swore allegiance to the Islamic State group rammed a truck into a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and forcing security to be increased at similar venues across Europe.

It is ridiculous that the Lyon market, which has been around for seven years, is now being scrubbed because Europe can’t get its terrorism problem under control.

Instead of tackling the migration problem head on in the early stages — when it could have made a difference — leftist European officials chose to act like nothing was wrong.

Now, they are faced with an ever-growing threat, and the reality that they can’t protect everywhere they need to.

The Lyon project manager did note that the merchant’s association “is thinking about a new version for Christmas 2018,” but that doesn’t really solve the immediate problem of the market being canceled for this year.

Europeans are finally realizing that their inaction is biting them in the rear — big time.

Rather than canceling everything, Europe needs to figure out a better way to deal with this problem. You can’t cancel every outdoor event all the time and claim that is your solution to stopping attacks.

There will always be plenty of targets for terrorists to choose.

What Europe needs to do is focus less on trying to guess where the terrorists will want to strike, and more on making sure that anyone even remotely connected to the Islamic State group is either prevented from entering the country in the first place, or is locked up if they’ve already made it in.

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