Top Democrats React to 11th Hour Tax Reform Bill Passage — And They’re Pissed

Top Democrats React to 11th Hour Tax Reform Bill Passage And Theyre Pissed

Early Saturday morning, the Senate passed sweeping tax reform by just one vote — and the Democratic opponents of the bill, who commonly referred to it as the “Tax Scam Bill,” were not happy about it.

Many immediately took to Twitter, slamming the bill and the Republicans who voted for it, and vowing to tirelessly fight its implementation.

Democratic leadership led the charge:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) accused Republicans of “looting the Treasury”:

Several of the Democrats who have been floated as possible 2020 presidential candidates had something to say, as well:

And they were far from alone:

The chief complaint among many Democrats was that they were not given enough time to review the bill and possible amendments — some handwritten in the margins as the debate wrapped up.

It’s safe to say many of them are feeling the same way Republicans felt the morning after Democrats rammed the Affordable Care Act through, promising America they needed to pass the bill to see what was in it:

The real irony was in former President Barack Obama’s own words, however:

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