Tomi Lahren Just Pointed Out What Flag Burners Should Torch Next

Tomi Lahren Just Pointed Out What Flag Burners Should Torch Next

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren, an outspoken commentator with the guts to tell it how it is, hit yet another rhetorical home run Wednesday in a brutally honest tweet directed straight at the legions of unpatriotic thugs who enjoy burning the American flag as a form of “protest.”

With leftists in St. Louis burning American flags during demonstrations against the acquittal last week of a police officer accused of murder in the death of a drug dealer in 2011, Lahren’s tweet took the issue head on.

And conservatives will be cheering.

“If you’re okay setting fire to the American flag I hope you’re also setting fire to your American taxpayer-funded welfare check,” she wrote.

That’s putting it brilliantly.

Those who burn the American flag clearly hate our country, its government, its citizens and everything they collectively represent, right? Yet too many of these mindless radicals somehow see nothing wrong with collecting government welfare checks funded by their fellow Americans.

Of course, this statement — as well as what Lahren wrote — presumes most flag burners are jobless bums. Is this true, though? Maybe.

According to a report cited earlier this year by the U.K. Daily Mail, of the 873 left-wing protesters “arrested on suspicion of politically-fueled offences” in Berlin between 2003 and 2013, a third were unemployed (and the rest presumably working only part-time), while a stunning 92 percent still lived with their parents.

While these numbers clearly pertain to another country, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that a similar trend exists here in the United States, suggesting that many of America’s own left-wing activists — like the ones who’ve been caught burning the American flag countless times — are also basement-dwelling delinquents who maybe work part-time but likely still collect welfare of one kind of another.

The underlying point is that it’s the height of hypocrisy for left-wing activists to spit on their nation, its values, its government, its people, you name it, but then turn around and arrogantly demand their country pay for their lifestyles — if not also their education and their health care.

Moreover, nobody save for either the genuinely disabled or those affected by a natural disaster deserve any sort of government assistance. And while the decision by left-wing activists to burn the flag definitely makes me question their mental stability, it still doesn’t make them disabled — it just makes them ungrateful idiots.

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