Toddler Starts Throwing Up Blood & Turning Blue. Hours Later, Dies at ER

Toddler Starts Throwing Up Blood Turning Blue Hours Later Dies at ER

Nearly two years have gone by since 2-year-old Brianna Florer celebrated her final Christmas. Tragic as her ending was, Brianna’s story can help prevent future household accidents such as hers.

Kent Vice cared for his granddaughter when she was only weeks old. Brianna’s parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer, needed to return to work, and left their baby in Grandpa’s capable hands.

Vice loved his granddaughter fiercely; the two had a special bond. Through tear-swollen eyes, Vice explained how a small button battery claimed Brianna’s life.

It was 2015 when the toddler celebrated Christmas with her family in rural Delaware County, Oklahoma.

She had been running a low-grade fever for a few days, but given the time of year when childhood sickness is common, her parents didn’t think much of it.

Brianna’s face began to turn blue and she began to vomit blood.

Emergency surgery was of no use — doctors couldn’t stop the intense internal bleeding in her tiny esophagus.

Somehow, Brianna had swallowed a button battery — tiny and circular in shape, shiny and enticing to a curious toddler.

Doctors estimated the battery had been in Brianna’s body for approximately six days prior to her death.

“One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead,” Vice said. “We had no idea when she swallowed it [the battery].”

The Florer family spent New Year’s Day preparing to bury their baby.

Every Christmas will be a bittersweet reminder of the happy bundle of energy that delighted in opening gifts and smiling at tree lights.

Christmastime includes finding fun, new toys under the tree.

But parents need to exercise a healthy degree of caution when it comes to the batteries in those toys. Keep loose batteries far away from children, or in Vice’s opinion, out of your household completely.

Flooded with emotion, Vice remembered the delightful little granddaughter he’d known since birth. “I took care of her — she was just an angel,” he expressed.

Brianna’s family is working to raise awareness of the dangers of button batteries. Consider sharing their daughter’s story — it might just save a life.

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