Tim Kaine to Meet His Match With Promise from Republican Opponent

Tim Kaine to Meet His Match With Promise from Republican Opponent

For the past few months, all eyes in the political world have been looking ahead to the 2018 midterm elections, and speculating about who could run, who could win (or lose) and what effect President Trump will have on the races.

In Virginia, Senator Tim Kaine got some unfortunate news when Republican Corey Stewart announced that he would be running against Kaine in the 2018 election, The Daily Caller reported.

Stewart is well known in Virginia. In June, he lost the gubernatorial Republican primary to Ed Gillespie, however the race gave him statewide recognition that he now hopes to use to his advantage.

“I’ve got a strong base, I’ve got 155,000 people who voted for me who will come out and vote for me in the Republican primary Senate so it’s a real opportunity to knock out Tim Kaine,” he explained.

Kaine has gained national recognition after he was tapped to be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s running mate — something Stewart claims will hurt his opponent.

“The guy is the loony left,” Stewart explained. “Since his run for VP, he’s drifted to the extreme left and he’s driven by his blind hatred for President Trump and he’s ignoring the big issues.”

Stewart hit the mark with that statement. Kaine has become rapidly anti-Trump and talks about almost nothing else. No matter what Trump says or does, Kaine comes out against it, throwing around words like “treason” with some frequency.

With his recent primary loss in mind, Stewart, who was the Virginia state chairman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, said he expects the “establishment” will find someone to run against him, but is confident he will prevail.

“The establishment sees me as a big threat, which I am to them. They’re going to run somebody, we’re not sure who that’s going to be. It could be Carly Fiornia or a number of other people,” he stated, adding that he wasn’t worried about any potential challenges.

Stewart ran a very Trump-like campaign during the primary, and there is no reason to think he won’t run one now. Kaine is going to up against a very serious challenger.

If Stewart could pull off a surprise victory, that certainly would be a boost for Trump as Republicans could increase their majority in the Senate and Trump would have an ally to help him pass his legislation.

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Source: conservativetribune.com