Thug Messes With Military Veteran And Immediately Regrets It

Thug Messes With Military Veteran And Immediately Regrets It

After two black women started fighting, a military veteran took out his phone and started to film the whole incident. Sadly, things escalated soon as one thug, who was with one of the girls, decided to attack the men by slapping the phone out of his hand, and immediately regretted.

The video was uploaded on the military themed website known as 5Bravo. Landon, the CEO and owner of Let Freedom Rings, the man in the clip was another bystander to the fight that took place at a parking lot in Tampa, Florida.

“I don’t give a f*ck about your sh*t,” the thug screams as he slaps Landon’s phone. “Get that f*cking sh*t out of my face, bro.”

Landon wasn’t going to tolerate his crap so, without warning, he hit his attacker in the face.

According to 5Bravo, Landon hit him so hard he instantly knocked him unconscious. But things didn’t end here, this thug wasn’t alone, so his friends jumped to defend him. But Landon outsmarted them by rapidly finding some cops who detained the aggressive thugs. Luckily for Landon, he managed to get out of there untouched, but if the cops weren’t there things could have ended in disaster.

Maybe Landon will start carrying concealed. These punks were only tough just because they outnumbered him. If the veteran was armed the cowards would have run away in a second.

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