Three Men Sit in Empty Church and Start Singing. Now Video Has Been Viewed by Millions

Three Men Sit in Empty Church and Start Singing Now Video Has Been Viewed by Millions

The song “Let it Be” by The Beatles became an instant hit around the world, locking in the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 in the United States for two weeks and peaking at number 2 in the United Kingdom. This song was featured on the group’s final album by the same name and was the last song they recorded together before they split.

This emotional and beautiful song is one that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways and it is no wonder it has been covered too many times to count. However, there is something even more special about this particular cover of the song that left me with goosebumps on my skin and a jaw on the floor.

This gentlemen’s trio, appropriately named GENTRI, is a group out of Utah that has been performing since 2014. Casey Elliott, Bradley Quinn Lever, and Brad Robins make up GENTRI, and their producer Stephen Nelson arranges their pieces to perfectly fit the three tenors’ voices.

Their renditions are infused with incredible three-part harmonies and melodies, and there is something extra special about their version of “Let it Be.” They recorded their song in an empty church, their voices perfectly melting together and ringing across the church pews.

The raw emotion within this performance gave me chills instantly. Even though there are only three people singing, it almost sounds as if there is an entire choir singing along with them.

In the video of their performance, which has been viewed nearly 3.5 million times, they even gave a brief history of the song. “Mother Mary” in the song refers to Paul McCartney’s mother, Mary, who died from cancer when he was only 14 years old.

Following in the footsteps of many other writers, artists, and musicians before him, McCartney pulled his inspiration from a dream in which his mother appeared and spoke to him. While she may not have used the exact wording that ended up in the song, McCartney said that the overall point was the same:

“In the dream she said, ‘It’ll be all right.’ I’m not sure if she used the words ‘Let it be’ but that was the gist of her advice, it was, ‘Don’t worry too much, it will turn out OK.’ It was such a sweet dream I woke up thinking, Oh, it was really great to visit with her again. I felt very blessed to have that dream. So that got me writing the song Let It Be.”

You need to hear this spectacular version of the iconic song to understand why millions have applauded their performance. You will be seriously impressed by the sounds they produce.

Of all the covers I have heard of this song, this one might have to be my favorite. There is something so real about this performance, and the ambiance of the church makes it even more emotional and remarkable.

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