Texas Town Welcomes Stranger With Warm Reception…Then They Notice His Shirt

Texas Town Welcomes Stranger With Warm Reception Then They Notice His Shirt

When a liberal activist adorned in a T-shirt that featured the face of former President Barack Obama recently strolled through an unnamed Texas town that voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump during last year’s election, he expected trouble.

Instead he found people acting completely ordinary and even kind.

“Walking around a very small Texas town that voted 80% for Trump with my Obama t-shirt on this morning has been quite the experience,” activist Michael Skolnik wrote Saturday on Twitter, the shock and awe apparent in his words.

“In the restaurant I had breakfast at one of the cooks came out from the kitchen and came over and said, ‘I just wanted to see your shirt,’” he added. “In the gun store that I wanted to check out, the nice lady behind the counter told me when I walked in that ‘I looked like was lost.’”

“It’s a very beautiful town + the people are very nice,” he concluded. “Here for a wedding of a friend who worked for Obama, so I wore t-shirt to represent.”

Welcome to “Everytown USA,” Mr. Skolnik.

Skolnik, who was profiled last year by Mashable for starting an #ObamaAndKids hashtag craze, seemed awfully surprised by the fairly normal reaction he received from the town’s locals. He really shouldn’t have been. Despite the media’s lies, Trump supporters tend to be very kind people.

I just wish he’d try the reverse sometime by donning a Trump shirt or “Make America Great Again” hat and strolling through a hardcore bastion of leftism such as New York City, where a man was attacked at a Manhattan bar two months ago for wearing MAGA hat.

Or maybe he could stroll through a town in Missouri, where earlier this year a group of kids attacked a sixth-grader for also wearing a MAGA hat.

Or perhaps he could try this same stunt in California, where God knows how many men and women have been harassed, attacked and beaten for simply supporting our president or standing up for free speech.

The fact is that despite the media’s characterization of conservatives as short-tempered, intolerant bigots, most are in fact kind, down-to-Earth patriots with big hearts to boot.

But here’s my question: Can the same be said about about Mr. Skolnik’s liberal peers?

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