Terrifying injury to a child brings MLB game to a halt, leaves players visibly shaken

Terrifying injury to a child brings MLB game to a halt leaves players visibly shaken

Wednesday afternoon’s game between the Twins and Yankees in New York game was delayed for several minutes after a foul ball struck a young girl in the stands.

Todd Frazier was at bat for New York in the fifth inning when he hit a line drive down the third base line that connected with a young girl who was seated in the sixth row. Within seconds of the child being struck, a fan seated near the child began signaling for medical assistance.

The game immediately stopped. Frazier and other players stared into the stands, hoping the incident wasn’t as serious as it appeared.

Several players from both teams went down to a knee and some were visibly shaken by the scene. Matt Holliday, who was on second base, was brought to tears according to the New York Post.

The young fan was then carried out by a man as fans cheered in support. After about a four-minute delay, play resumed in the bottom of the 5th inning.

Mike Berardino, a Twins beat writer, gave an update on the child’s condition as she was being carried out.

Pitcher Nik Turley was on the mound when the accident happened and it appeared to affect his performance thereafter. After getting out Frazier, Turley threw a wild pitch, then allowed a hit and then walked a batter before being removed.

Berardino then explained why Turley may have been affected by the accident more so than others.

After the game, the Yankees issued a statement saying “the child who was struck with a batted ball today was given first aid at the ballpark and is receiving medical attention at an area hospital.” But the team declined further comment, citing HIPAA laws.

This isn’t the first time a spectator has been injured this season by a foul ball at Yankee Stadium. On July 25, a foul ball hit by Aaron Judge struck a fan in the head, which left him bloodied. In May, a piece of a broken bat also hit a fan in the head, causing a laceration.

Prior to last season, Major League Baseball sent a memo to all teams encouraging them to add netting that extends at least 70 feet in each direction from home plate. The Yankees are one of the teams who have expanded the netting.

However, the move was not mandated because each stadium’s structure is different. And as Wednesday’s incident proved, the extra netting can’t protect every fan.

As for the game, the Yankees defeated the Twins 11-3. New York now leads Minnesota by six games for the first AL wild card spot. The Los Angeles Angels trail the Twins by one game for the second wild card spot.

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