Teen Thugs Steal $200k… Buy Parents With Luxury Cars

Teen Thugs Steal 200k Buy Parents With Luxury Cars

After six teen thugs from Florida stole $200,000 in cash from a home in Fort Pierce and drove off with the homeowner’s Porsche, some of them seemingly bought their mothers’ silence by doling out goodies to them.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, one of the teens used his share of the money to purchase an $80,000 Dodge Challenger Hellcat for his mom and a $25,000 Mercedes C300 for his brother. A second teen reportedly gave his mom $40,000 while a third one purchased a new Audi A4 for his.

And yet their respective mothers said nothing. It wasn’t until the authorities found one of the boys’ IDs in the Porsche they later abandoned that all six were tracked down and swiftly arrested.

Why, though, would their mothers have said nothing? Is it possible they really believed their sons had obtained all that money legally? Probably not. The more likely motivation behind their decision to hold their tongues was that they supported their boys’ actions. (Some parents can end up making out pretty well from having thug kids.)

In fact, one of the boys, 15-year-old Rural Scott, told authorities that after he and his buds committed the crime, he called his mom “and told her about ‘hitting’ the house’ they burglarized,” as quoted by the Sun Sentinel.

When the Sentinel later questioned his mother about her son’s claims, she simply asked, “Do you believe everything you hear?”

Not unless the facts fit, ma’am, and the facts in this case certainly suggest that you and the other mothers appreciated your sons’ criminal behavior.

The facts also paint a frightening picture of what happens when children don’t receive proper parenting. According to the Sun Sentinel, every teen thug arrested has a long rap sheet containing multiple arrests. And according to common sense, every single one of those boys — who I presume are part of single-parent families — will eventually wind up in prison.

(Or worse. Florida is a famously pro-Second Amendment state. Criminals who target homeowners can come to a famously bad end there.)

For now, they’ve all been tossed into the St. Lucie County Jail on multiple charges. Because of their ages, they’ll likely receive time in juvenile detention, though the court could push some of the older teens into the adult system if it wants.

Regardless, I just hope they receive the help and tough love that their own mothers clearly never gave them.

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