Ted Nugent Mulls Run for Senate

Ted Nugent Mulls Run for Senate

In response to rumors that he intends to run for the Senate in 2018, rock star Ted Nugent admitted Friday that he’s willing to do just about anything “to help make this country great.”

“Well, I’m a terminal ‘we the people American patriot,’ and I think I’m doing the most important political job in the world — and that is participating in the sacred experiment of self government and demanding constitutional accountability from our elected employees,” he said on Fox News.

Specifically regarding the rumors that he might run for Senate, he said only that he’s been mulling it over with his “Republican friends.”

“I’m a hell raiser,” he continued. “I’m what the Founding Fathers wanted all Americans to be … and it’s all about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 10 Commandants, the Golden Rule — being the best that you can be, earning your own way.”

“Wow, I’m a radical,” he added sarcastically.

We, of course, disagree. Nugent is a principled conservative who values reason and common sense over the emotionally laden arguments posited by the childlike left.

Watch his full appearance on Fox News below:

In the meantime, as Nugent continues weighing his options, he appreciates finally having a bonafide “hell raiser in the White House.”

“(Put) America first, make America great again, job security, secure the border — you know, it’s so simple even guitar players can figure it out,” he said of President Donald Trump’s priorities.

“If you’re not pissing off the idiots, you’re an idiot,” he added, laying into the president’s many critics. “He’s not an idiot; he’s driving the idiots crazy, so I’m so proud of him.”

He was right. The people idiots hate the most are those who call them out on their idiocy. And as has been seen both during Trump’s time in office and his election campaign, he has no qualms about doing exactly that. Neither does Nugent, which is why he’d perhaps make one heck of a Michigan senator.

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