Teacher Panhandles on Corner for Money. But Once They Read Her Sign, She Makes National News

Teacher Panhandles on Corner for Money But Once They Read Her Sign She Makes National News

As the child of two teachers, I can tell you with first-hand knowledge how much they care for every student that walks through their door. Most teachers would do almost anything for the well-being of their class.

That’s why one Oklahoma teacher took drastic action when she was in need of some help to provide for her students. What she did has turned a lot of heads.

Third grade teacher Teresa Danks was desperate for help. Since she began teaching in 1996, there have been immense budget cuts.

Taking home only $35,000 a year, Danks didn’t become a teacher for the salary. She knew what she was getting into when she signed up.

However, in the last few years, the budget cuts have made it difficult to supply the basic necessities for her students. Danks often found herself spending $2,000 or $3,000 out of her own pocket on supplies.

It was becoming difficult to make ends meet when she was spending so much on school supplies, so Danks came up with a plan. She wrote herself a sign and began to panhandle on the side of the road.

“Teacher needs school supplies! Anything helps,” read the sign. Danks never could have guessed what would result from her begging.

She was flabbergasted at how generous people were being. She was making plenty of money for her classroom.

Begging for money on the side of the road showed people how dire the situation was. Danks was able to make $55 in a matter of minutes.

Danks even caught the attention of news stations. They shared her story on air, and a GoFundMe page was created for her.

After surpassing her original goal, Danks has resolved to share the rest of the money with other teachers. This devoted teacher is an inspiration to all, and her hard work is something to be admired.

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Source: liftable.com