Teacher Broken When Blind Dog Disappears, But Students Have Surprise Waiting for Him

Teacher Broken When Blind Dog Disappears But Students Have Surprise Waiting for Him

Teachers normally elect their chosen profession to teach our younger generation important lessons. Common adult reasoning holds that teenagers, in particular, are often blissfully self-absorbed and thus in need of constant guidance.

Troy Rogers may not necessarily agree 100%. He’s a history teacher at Clements High School in Limestone County, Alabama.

Rogers and his wife weren’t blessed with children of their own. So they absolutely doted on their cherished family canine, Chip.

Chip had been a treasured part of the Rogers family for more than a decade. As he’d grown older, unfortunately, he’d begun going blind.

Then one day, the vision-impaired pooch somehow managed to wander off and get lost. Rogers told media outlets he was absolutely devastated.

“I was just heartbroken,” he said. “I just missed him so bad and I was wondering, ‘Is he out there suffering?’”

A thorough search was conducted all across the area. But tragically, Rogers’ loyal companion was never found.

When his students learned of this heartbreaking news, they began considering an idea.

So they quietly took up a collection around school, gradually gathering hundreds of dollars in the process.

This idea ultimately took the form of a surprise for their beloved teacher. And the surprise took the form of a fluffy, cold-nosed puppy named Clementine.

The sweet new pooch was named after the school’s revered mascot. But according to students, perhaps the sweetest part of all was seeing Roger’s overwhelmed expression when he met his new companion.

“When I saw his face I teared up instantly,” recalled Miranda Ezell, a senior. “Because I have never felt something so good like that — just knowing that he’s happy now.”

Other classmates agreed that this thoughtful gesture was only fitting. After all, Rogers has devoted nearly 20 years to teaching his students valuable life lessons.

“I think adults can learn a lot from kids, because they genuinely want to do good for others,” Rogers told news outlets. “But this just floored my wife and me.”

With Clementine by his side, Rogers says he’ll go right on believing and investing in today’s teenagers.

He calls this special surprise the single most memorable day of his teaching career – and one day in the near future, he even hopes to get his faithful new friend a four-legged sister.

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