Taya Kyle Fed up, Issues Huge Challenge to the NFL

Taya Kyle Fed up Issues Huge Challenge to the NFL

Outspoken conservative and author Taya Kyle has taken a stand in the face of NFL players who feel compelled to protest the U.S. national anthem.

Widow of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle wrote the NFL a letter that challenged anthem protesters to actually do something.

Kyle excoriated the NFL for bringing division and anger into what was once an experience that could be shared by people of all races and backgrounds.

“Football was really a metaphor for our ideal world — different backgrounds, talents, political beliefs and histories as one big team with one big goal – to do well, to win, TOGETHER,” Kyle wrote.

“You have a lot of strong guys, I am sure in the off season a lot of them could build some pretty big bridges if they care enough to do the hard work,” she wrote.

She had one suggestion for these players who supposedly want to make a difference in our nation: Get off your knees and do something.

“That would involve getting off their knees and getting to work,” she said, adding that if they got involved through the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, they too could do great things for the issues they claim to care so much about.

She’s right. These players make enough money that what they would consider a small donation would make a sizable difference in organizations devoted to helping the oppressed.

Plus, their influence on millions of young Americans could be channeled into something truly beneficial, rather than furthering the nation’s divides.

Sure, some NFL players have given to the needy, and that is wonderful, but Kyle’s point here is that kneeling does nothing to actually help the oppressed. Wearing socks that depict policemen as pigs does nothing to help anyone either.

All protesting the national has done is offend a significant portion of the NFL’s fan base, and make a sport that was once unifying, incredibly divisive.

These men want the world to think they are “doing something” because they kneel before hundreds of thousands of fans on game day. They are indeed making a statement, but what are they actually doing?

NFL players who kneel are about to realize the true value of their fans. Much like snobby liberal celebrities who seem to think their opinions matter more than everyone else’s because they are wealthy, these guys are out of touch and out of line.

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