Tattoo Artists Donate Proceeds From Bee Tattoos to Manchester Attack Victims

Tattoo Artists Donate Proceeds From Bee Tattoos to Manchester Attack Victims

Tattoo artists in Manchester, England, are seeing an influx of clients getting bee tattoos this week following the horrific bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in the city on Monday.

According to the BBC, the bee is the symbol for the city of Manchester — a reminder of its once-humming textile mills. In an effort to show their support and solidarity for those injured and lost in the bombing, Britons and visitors have flooded tattoo parlors to get the simple, yet significant symbol permanently emblazoned on their bodies.

Tattoo artist Sam Barber launched a Crowdfunder campaign earlier this week to offer an outlet for those concerned to show their support for the victims in the wake of the crime.

Barber and many other tattoo artists in the city announced they would be offering bee tattoos for 50 British pounds — or about $65 each — over a two-day period, with all proceeds benefiting victims.

The response, however, has been overwhelming as parlors have seen a massive influx in clients seeking the tattoos ahead of the event.

USA Today reported that within hours of the event announcement, thousands of people were lining up at parlors around the city to ensure they got a bee tattoo of their own. The idea has swept around the globe to as far away as Australia.

The bee is the well-known symbol of Manchester because of its storied history of being a working class city for the textile industry. The citizens were and are still considered to be like the hard-working “busy bees” because of their own hard working nature.

Learn more about how you can help the victims of the Manchester tragedy by checking out the ideas CNN has compiled here.

In the wake of yet another tragic terrorist attack, it’s encouraging and inspiring to see the world respond with such incredible support. While the war against terrorism rages on, we can look to these inspiring events to help us continue in the fight.

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