Taliban Terrorists’ Attack on US Army Goes Bust: “They Don’t Know What’s About to Hit Them”

Taliban Terrorists Attack on US Army Goes Bust They Dont Know Whats About to Hit Them

Aggression over in Afghanistan never seems to cease, but one Taliban attack on American soldiers went just one step too far for the terrorists. As a result, they faced a dreadful outcome, never expecting the US Army to respond so vigorously in the first place.

The entire attack was captured on film, and posted on April 2015 to the Battle YouTube Channel. In the video, we can notice our US soldiers settling in at “The Hornet’s Nest.”

Then, we can see Army Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Fields who tells his superior that he observed “a little bit of movement in the little tertiary valley.” It isn’t too long before we can hear someone approaching, and Fields concludes there are terrorists closing in on the shelter.

Just as the two continue to talk, a sniper bullet whistles right next to them, giving them a ‘trouble’ signal.

“That shot right through us, sir, right here,” one soldier said.

The second soldier analyzes the sniper bullet was “very deadly,” which is when everyone begins to prepare for a counter-attack.

“Let’s get it on!” Fields screams. “Come on, gunner, you gotta be quicker than that. Get that b**** hot!”

As the Taliban still remain hidden in the bushes, the soldiers decided to go for the big-boy arms.

Lt. Col. Joel Vowell gets an update by a radio translator, who explains no Taliban was injured, which makes him reconsider tactics.

“It’s not going to be OK,” he said. “They don’t know what’s about to hit them.”

As soon as the words fly by, a jet opens fire by launching a missile on the terrorist group, leading to a major explosion, leaving merely deafness and ashes in the field.

“That’ll teach them to shoot at my soldiers,” Vowell said.

The jet monitors the situation below for several more minutes, after which a conclusion is made- the bombs were ‘good’ and no live soul was reported.

“False bravado was all that was. They see us, they’ve been watching us for a while, they move into position and don’t think we can harm them,” Vowell said. “They just haven’t fought us yet.”

The terrorists believed they would be sneaky enough to take out all soldiers without them even realizing it. However, after years of heavy training, our soldiers were too smart to let this sneaky group mess up their mission.

America holds one of the most potent and capable militaries in the world- air, sea, land- you name it, they can do it!

It is with the most utter respect that we talk about our soldiers, feeling grateful day-by-day for being there for us, sacrificing their lives to keep this country safe. It is an honor to watch them perform on behalf of America and bring peace where war is only to be found. As far as the terrorists are concerned- they certainly learned not to try and teach old dogs new tricks.

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Source: conservativemedia.com