Stuart Varney: Trump Has Already Made ‘America $4 Trillion Richer’ in Just 6 Months

Stuart Varney Trump Has Already Made America 4 Trillion Richer in Just 6 Months

In an op-ed on his Fox Business show Thursday, host Stuart Varney made the case of how President Donald Trump has made the U.S. richer while only being in office for six months.

Despite the negative media coverage, Varney says investors look forward to what the current administration can continue to do:

Look at this: Since his election win, the Trump rally has added $4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth. Anyone with a 401k, an IRA, college savings, retirement savings, mutual funds. Anyone with a dime in the market has taken a piece of that $4 trillion.

Also, during this presidency, five American companies have emerged as global technology leaders. You know their names: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook. It’s a technology world, and American companies have seized the future.

Varney also asked what Democrats had to offer:

One brief aside, can anyone tell me the Democrats’ growth plan? Do they have one? They apparently still cling to the belief that if we taxed the rich, and give to the poor, shackle capitalism and open the borders, we will somehow grow. Nonsense. Six months in, the left is mired in hate.

Indeed, the Democrats just unveiled a new slogan to go into the 2018 midterms: “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” The slogan was mocked mercilessly on the internet.

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